About Us

Our Mission:

The Tau Zeta Alumni Association was founded on the principles of fostering relationships between Chi Phi Alumni and helping the Tau Zeta chapter flourish. While keeping our traditions at heart, we are seeking out new ways to develop and grow our community. Whether you are looking for networking opportunities, a chance to give back to younger generations, or just hoping to reconnect with your fellow brothers, you belong here.


Our History:

The Tau Zeta Alumni Association has had several iterations. While met with successes and failures, our goal has always been to build a strong community.

In 2011, a group of like-minded individuals came together to rekindle this community, thus forming the Secret Order of Tau Zeta (SOTZ). Bylaws were ratified, officers voted into office, donation systems created, and an affiliation with national was built, creating a solid foundation for alumni to come together and grow. Our numbers quickly swelled as many stepped up to rebuild the community we cherish. In this short time we have already achieved so much, such as helping the chapter rebuild the stock of ritual equipment and ensuring active chapter members could travel to the Chi Phi Congress. Furthermore, our organization now has enough funds to support several events each year, allowing relationships between many generations of Tau Zeta alumni to advance.

As the alumni community flourished, the Secret Order of Tau Zeta morphed into an advisory council forming the core of the Tau Zeta Alumni Association. Their guidance and funding will ensure the Alumni Association’s continual existence. The future of the Tau Zeta Alumni Association is bright and its presence will ensure the values cherished by every Chi Phi is respected and upheld.


We encourage you to check out our calendar and photos of past events. If you have any ideas for future events or would simply like to drop a line, please feel free to contact us.

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